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About JCI Supar Hyderabad

JCI is a global organization of young leaders and entrepreneurs with members in over 115 countries. It was founded in 1915 as the Young Men’s Progressive Civic Association and has since evolved to offer leadership development opportunities to people aged 18-40. JCI members work on a variety of projects, from promoting sustainable development to supporting education and empowering women. Joining JCI provides opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and gain valuable skills and experience.

JFS MK Karthikeyan

National President JCI India

My dear members of JCI India,

I feel elated to reach you through this message. Our organization has scaled new heights year on year since its inception in India.

Friends, now the responsibility lies on our shoulders to take it to new heights and achieve new benchmarks. Let the purpose of responsibility guide us.

Change is the only constant in the unpredictable life, yet without change there shan’t be any new learning. We shall challenge the change to mark our leadership this year. Let the purpose of change guide us.

As you are aware, we have entered a new era in our organization’s history, the age of digitalization! This new venture has and will continue to transform us and our organization for good. We are leading in the race of the digital era and shall leave no skill unturned for the betterment of our members. Let the purpose of the new age guide us.

The year 2023 has got a lot of new adventures for us in store and i will proudly say that together we shall explore and enjoy those adventures for the upliftment of our members. Let the purpose of the new venture guide us.

We are stronger than ever, we are better than yesterday, we are developing for a changing world, we will chisel the future for our next generation and we shall be guided by purpose.

We are one! we are JCI India!

Let’s go and win!

Core Team

Jc Nikeelu Gunda


Jc Swathi Kiran


Jc Jammu Nagesh


Jc Sudheer Sandra


Jc Manasa Chennamaneni

Join Secretary

Jc Veda Hitesh Kumar

Joint Secretary

Jc J Rajeshwari

VP - Training

Jc Eppalapalli Ramesh

VP - Business

Jc Bharath Kumar Kakkreni

VP - Programs

Jc Chintha Naga Tarun

VP - Programs

Jc Sita Rama Lakshmi Pothula

VP - G & D

Jc JJ Prasad Babu

VP - Training

Jc Dhoti Anil Kumar

Director - Business

Jc Metta Sunitha

Director - Training

Jc CA Prashanth Kumar Kodhumuri

Director - Business

Jc Vijay Kumar Jarang

Director - Training

Jc Vinay Kumar Addagari

Director - Business

Jc Jyothi Penumatsa

Director - PR & Marketing

Jc K.Laskhmi Veena

Director - Managment

Jc Vinod Kumar Jadhav

Director - Programs

Jc Bandaru Sampath Kumar

Director - PR & Marketing

Jc Vijaya Yadlapalli


Jc Ramachandrudu


Jc Madhavi K


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